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Inno3D iChill GTX275 Review

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To test the iChill GTX 275, it will be run through a series of nine tests, seven of which are popular games. The results are recorded for each run, and recorded again for when the video card is overclocked with fan speeds locked at 100% for the relative maximum overclock and for stability. The results are then compared to other video cards which have performance around the level of this card. The test system is a full computer built around an i7 processor running at 3GHz.


Comparison Video Cards:




Overclocked settings:

  • Inno3D iChill GTX 275 714/1536/1198

The video card comes overclocked from the factory, but still has a little headroom left in it; it wasn’t fully benchmark stable at higher speeds, so these speeds were used which finally allowed all testing to finish. The memory is not cooled by heatsinks, only by air flowing across them, so that is a factor against the memory overclock. The card idled in the low 30’s and loaded in the low to medium 40’s range, very cool. The card was semi-stable at 750/1250/1600, but could not pass all of the testing, until clocked at near the level tested at unfortunately. Overall not a huge overclock gain, but the card itself is already overclocked, so it adds up – adding some memory heatsinks could pull a few more MHz too.



Video benchmarks:

  • Far Cry 2
  • Crysis Warhead
  • BioShock
  • Call of Duty: World at War
  • Dead Space
  • Fallout 3
  • Left For Dead
  • 3DMark 06 Professional
  • 3DMark Vantage


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