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Inno3D Geforce GT 220 Review

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Closer Look:

The INNO3D GT 220 was put together to fill a void between the 9500 and 9600GT. The GT 220 is built upon a 40nm process and the core has 48 Cuda cores (processing cores), eight ROPs and 16 texture units. While the Palit GT 220 I looked at came equipped with 512MB of GDDR3 memory on a 128-bit bus, the INNO3D version comes with a full 1GB of memory. Clock speeds on this card are the bone stock speeds of 625MHz on the core 1360MHz on the 48 Cuda cores and 1580MHz(790MHz) on the 1GB of GDDR3 memory. The GT 220 as you would expect, is not a large video card and should easily fit in just about any chassis that will fit a full height video card. Even with a diminutive stature, the GT 220 still needs the use of a full size 16x PCIe port. The heatsink used on the card is a smallish circular black anodized aluminium assembly with the fan mounted right of it to keep everything cool.















For connectivity on the GT 220 you get a total of three different options. You get a single dual link DVI port, a single VGA port and last but not least, you have a single HDMI port. On the back end of the card you can see that there is not a means of supplying additional power to feed this card, so it gets all of its power through the 16x PCIe slot.



Using only 58 watts the GT 220 does not need a whole lot of cooling. Even so, Inno3D installed something a little better than the oem solution to help dissipate the thermal load. The thermal interface material used on this card resembled bubble gum in both texture and the effort it took to remove it from the core and heatsink. The fan is made by Colorful and is a 70x10mm fan that uses a ball bearing instead of a sleeve bearing and pushes around 23CFM, as far as I can decipher from the specification sheet.



The 40nm core on the GT 220 features a total of 48 Cuda processing cores running at the factory default 1360MHz, eight ROPs and a total of 16 texture units. The GDDR3 memory on this version of the GT 220 is made by Samsung and carries part number K4W1G1646E-HC12. There is a total of 1GB on-board.



Will the 1GB version of the GT 220 from Inno3D offer improved performance over the 512MB version from Palit, or will the clock speeds on the overclocked version nullify that advantage?


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