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In Win X-Fighter Review

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Closer Look:

In Win states that "the X-Fighter is designed after spacecrafts from the [Star Wars] films" and the description certainly fits. If an X-Wing and a Tie-Fighter had a baby, and the baby was a case, it could very well look like the X-Fighter. This case is capable of housing standard ATX and mATX motherboards. So let's open her up and see what's inside, shall we?












The inside of this case is surprisingly spacious and by the looks of it, the fans on the side could definitely move a lot of air on your video cards. I could find nothing wrong with where the video cards would end up being installed. In fact, the hard drives go in the side of the case so they create no interference with the fans. What is even better is In Win's focus on tool free design. The front and rear fans can be removed without any tools and the front fan even sports an insert to prevent dust from getting into the case. The case even has tool free solutions for installing expansion cards. You'll also notice that the board even has built-in standoffs for installing your motherboard, so you usually won't even have to worry about any additional standoffs. The case also has a lot of nice nooks and crannies for wire management.





You'll discover one of the great features of this case when you remove the front panel. Inside is a tray containing your tool free drive installation parts, keeping them organized in one place. However, this doesn't work if you needed the fourth 5.25" bay for something else. Additionally, the front fan is easily removable and contains a dust filter. The case looks rather nice after it's all together. I did have to remove the VGA cooler in order to get into it enough to put the componets in, otherwise it would tend to get in the way. Now let's see how it performs.



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