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In Win X-Fighter Review

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Closer Look:

Aside from the fins on the left and right of the front, the front grille, the feet of the case, and the red on the side panel, this case is black. As already stated, this case comes with two 120mm fans and two 80mm fans, which, all things considered, is a pretty good setup for the case. On the front of the case is a LED panel that lights up in cool patterns, which according to the side of the box changes based on power supply usage. The side panels are secured with clips that hold them in place and are a bit hard to get off and on. Sometimes I had to apply a little bit of force to get the panels to close the whole way.

The left side panel features an adjustable vent on the side that, aside from looking cool, can control the amount of air going into the case. The opposite side of that panel has a duct for your cpu cooler, but of course this might not work for every cooler out there. On the front there is space for a total of four optical drives and two floppy drives.










The top portion of the case features two USB ports, two eSATA ports, a FireWire port, and of course audio. The power button is a rather large LED display, which lights up based on your hard drive and PSU. Behind the handle-like thing that the power button is stuck to is the reset switch and, oddly enough, a hard drive light that is bright enough to be seen reflecting off the inside of the handle. Unlike some of the newer cases, this one still sticks to the old method of having the PSU up top as opposed to down below. This case also includes two ports in the rear for water cooling tubes should you desire to add in a water cooling setup. The rear of this case features seven usable slots for PCI/AGP/PCI-E or whatever else might use a rear slot.



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