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In Win IronClad Review

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Closer Look:

Moving on to the inside, we find more features. The inside itself is pretty large - you probably do not need too worry about your graphics card of choice having size issues. Speaking of graphics cards, we have a tool-less solution to lock in not only them, but other expansions cards as well. You must have also noticed the foam inside the case. It would seem that In Win has decided to add in some foam to absorb sound. On the bottom of every case I've seen lately, there has been no shortage of PSU fan filters. Here we have one that can be removed without having to remove the PSU.















One feature that I can't say I've ever seen a case without - a hole in the board tray for rear bracket access. This helps alleviate the need to remove the motherboard when changing out heatsinks or removing waterblocks. Also on the motherboard tray, we have a pin listing for different ATX board types so you can put your standoffs in the right place. The package couldn't be complete without the tool-less solutions. In Win provides a tray for convenient storage of your unused tool-less parts. Additionally pictured is the adapter and bay which accommodates a 2.5" drive.  Next, we move on to the hard drive area. By the looks of things, we can mount six hard drives here.




Here we have our external 5.25" bays, one of which comes filled with an external 3.5" adapter. There isn't much to see or do on the back of the case. The only thing is the heatsink hole. The side isn't very deep so only thin wires can be run behind this panel.  Although the fans are 120mm, not much can be said about these since In Win has not included any specifications for the fans besides size.




The 220mm fan also lacks a listed specification. I can't really tell much about it other than it being a DC brushless fan.  Pictured here, a 2.5" drive caddy which allows you to mount a 2.5" drive. Also pictured outside the case is the means for converting a 5.25" bay into a 3.5" bay. Finally, we have a picture of the side panel door which also features the sound proofing foam.




Like the side panel door with the fan, the other one also sports sound proofing foam. Moving on, we have a look at our tool-less solution holder, which helps you stow away the tool-less solutions you aren't using. Finally, we have our top panel connections, which include the leads to connect everything that is up top.




Lastly, we move on to the front panel, which is easily removed to gain access to move and remove drives. Behind each unused bezel on the front is a filtering material. Whatever slots that aren't being taken up by optical drives or whatever else are still keeping dust out. Moving on, we have our bag of hardware as well as our manual. Last but not least, we have the fully assembled masterpiece. There wasn't  much of anywhere to hide most of the wires, so I tucked them in under the harddrive. There was a small amount of room to tuck in some of the front panel wires, to make things a bit neater.  After placing my setup into this case, it appears to have been dwarfed, which says a lot about the space you have to work with. I also had a challenge when installing the motherboard. I found I was unable to install the top fan in the push-pull configuration because there wasn't enough accommodation for it, with the other top 120mm fan there. I also had an Issue with closing my side panel door, which I could not do.  The 220mm fan caught on the bottom of the 120mm fan on the heatsink. This case probably wasn't designed around working too well with Thors hammer was it. A TRUE is slightly thinner but I still probably would have had issues, I think.



While not everything can be perfect, let's see how well the case stacks up to the competition? Read on!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (The Working Components)
  4. Specifications and Features
  5. Testing: Setup and Results
  6. Conclusion
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