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IN WIN Commander 1200W Power Supply Review

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Environmental Factors:

It's heavy which increases the transport costs, alternatives to the foam packaging and bubble wrap are available and is the inclusion of the black modular cable and white draw string bag really necessary? The 80 Plus certification which the IN WIN Commander 1200W proved during testing and RoHS compliance are a couple of plus points in this section.


Price Per the Watt:

Power Supply IN WIN Commander 1200W at $319.99 = $0.26/Watt (December 2008)


The IN WIN Commander 1200W is the first power supply I have tested that includes 3V3, 5V0 and 12V1 sensing wires in the 24 pin motherboard connector cable. Power supplies I have tested in the past have sensed these voltages as they leave the printed circuit board and adjusted the output accordingly. This does not take into account any voltage drop in the wires and what IN WIN have done is run separate non-current carrying thin gauge wires to monitor the voltage entering the motherboard at the 24 pin socket and adjust accordingly. This will ensure more stable and accurate voltages at the motherboard, it's a minor improvement but an improvement nonetheless and I expect to see this on other power supplies in the future.

The IN WIN Commander 1200W performed very well during testing and I have no problems to report. The DC rail voltages all held up very well even under full load and the AC ripple/noise levels were acceptable but did however get quite close to the ATX12V V2.2 limits. The requirements for 80 Plus certification were met with a maximum efficiency of 86% and although not quite meeting the 88% claimed it is still to be commended.

A minor concern, as was the case with the IN WIN Commander 850W, is the inclusion of a Nvidia SLI ready logo on the box lid. I checked the Nvidia website once more and at the time of writing this review there are no In Win power supplies listed in the certified power supply section. I am in no doubt that the IN WIN Commander 1200W will power any current dual card SLI or CrossfireX set up at the moment, but this question of Nvidia certification is something that needs addressing by IN WIN. Does the use of the Nvidia logo along with "SLI ready" imply the power supply has certification or is IN WIN just telling us, that in their opinion, the power supply is suitable for SLI configurations?

All things said I would not hesitate to recommend the IN WIN Commander 1200W power supply. It is a solid performer and will easily run any high end gaming systems available today with dual graphic card configuration. Its military theme won't suit everybody, but if you are in need of a 1200W power supply then you could make the mistake of choosing a power supply less capable than the IN WIN Commander 1200W.

If users register on our retail website www.inwin-style.com , they will get limited lifetime warranty instead of normal 3 years warranty.

Update: As of this time SLI Certification is ongoing and the complete Commander lineup is represented.



  • Excellent DC voltage load regulation
  • 80 Plus certification
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Active PFC
  • MTBF>120,000 hours
  • Good selection of connectors



  • Noisy fan at full load


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