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Ikonik Optimus 1200 Review

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While the case doesn't perform as well as it really should, it does make up for it in a few other areas such as the all black interior and exterior. It also boasts modest features like fan filters which are provided for the top panel, front panel and PSU as well as a tool-less solutions for drive installation. Wire management with the case was a relative breeze so it doesn't disappoint there. The case also has built-in watercooling support through tube holes and even allows you to swap heatsinks or waterblock brackets without the need to remove the motherboard. Sure, it would have been nice if the case included a few more things with it (like fans) but it is nice to know there are other options when it comes to a side panel on this case. Not really sure if a side panel can be purchased separately like some other manufactures do offer. However, I'm sure the case is likely sold with different options depending on where you get it. Which brings us to the next point which is where to buy it. Well, a quick search and I can find it on many reputable sites such as Xoxide or Amazon.com. As for a price, well the case floats at around a very modest $54.99 on Amazon.com which more than makes up for the lack of fans. If you're looking for a great budget case for your next build. then I would have to recommend the Ikonik Optimus 1200.



  • Great price point
  • All black interior and exterior
  • Fan filters
  • Great wire manageability
  • Watercooling support



  • Lack of fans makes this case hot
  • Would be nice to know if you could order the other types of side panels
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