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Ideazon Fang Gamepad



    Installing the Fang was a snap.  Just plug the USB connector into a spare USB port and Windows immediately recognizes it and installs a basic driver.  At this point, the Fang is usable as each of the keys is also labeled with its default keystroke counterpart.  For example, the forward or up button on the Fang is also labeled with the “w”, which is its default keystroke.

So realistically, you could just stop right here and go right into playing your favorite game, but of course there is a huge loss in functionality.  So spin up the installation CD and complete the installation.  There is one major thing to note here. As with the Merc keyboard, the software version that came with the Fang is outdated and should be updated via download from Ideazon’s website.  The software that shipped with the Fang, in my case, installed without a problem.  However, the “update” function didn’t work and some of the mod files were out of date.  The download size is about 64MB and is well worth the effort, and is highly recommended.

Once downloaded, I clicked on the executable file to commence the software installation.

Another point that comes up during the software installation is this little message to ensure that you have the peripheral plugged into a USB port before installing the software.  Plug in the Fang and click “install”.

The software install is now complete.  Click the finish button, and now we can find out how easy or hard it is to program the Fang.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look:
  2. Installation:
  3. Configuration:
  4. Specifications & Testing:
  5. Conclusion:
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