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Ideazon Merc Gaming Keyboard



Though this keyboard is aimed at the gaming community, it also has many built in features that are useful for everyday computing.  The hot buttons for multimedia functions are pre-configured and come to life with the driver installation.  With three built in hotkeys, for things like Internet Explorer, it makes navigating the system a little easier.  The three main hotkeys labeled I, II, III, are programmed for Internet Explorer and two web pages: “Zboard homepage” and “Zboard zone".  The nice thing is that these keys can be changed to open whatever you like.

There are two ways to configure the three hotkeys on the Merc.  The first way is very simple, just open the file or webpage you want the hotkey to activate and hold it for three seconds.  You should hear an audible beep and you’re done.  The second way is to open the Zengine software, select the tools menu and select “Hot Keys”.

This brings up a window in which you can enter the function or program you want it to activate, or you can browse for it.  Once you’ve typed or selected the window or application, press the “apply” button and that’s it.

The next step is to configure the keyboard to play some of my favorite games.  There are a host of gaming titles to choose from.  Each of the titles has an associated mod file in an ascending menu.  From the menu I double clicked the Half Life 2 default mod file, and immediately the keyboard diagram on the right came to life with color.  The buttons on the gamepad are now configured with controls that are used in the game. 

If you so choose, you can stick with this configuration or tweak it a bit or change it altogether. It is really simple to change the function of any of the buttons or keys.  Click the “Edit Mode” button at the bottom of the window, or just double click the button you want to change and a configuration toolbar appears at the bottom and right of the right hand side view pane.

You can drag and drop from a list of keys on the right hand side of the window or type in a key in the toolbar, give it a name, press “Apply to key” and voila! the key is changed.  Don’t worry if you make a mistake, just press the “Reset Key” and the key is returned to the original default setting. 

Looking over the buttons, I decided to just keep the configuration supplied by Ideazon.   I’ll try it first and then tweak it to what works best for me.  Now the Merc is all configured and should be ready for some action.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications and Testing
  5. Conclusion
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