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Ahanix Iceberg 1 Water Cooling Kit Review



Once again the Volcano 9 has proven itself. While it did not beat the Iceberg 1, it did come very close in some benchmarks. As for the Iceberg 1 water cooler, it didn't live up to all of my expectations. I was really hoping for some drastic temperature differences between it and the Volcano 9, even though the Volcano 9 is one of the best CPU coolers. The installation was fairly easy even though the instructions were poorly written. The 15min installation, actually takes 30-35mins. The Iceberg 1 is a great entry level water cooling kit because of the ease of installation and the great price. The retail price of the Iceberg 1 is $99 and I don't think any other water cooling kit on the market compares to that price. ExoticPC has the water cooling kit priced at $129 but you will also get a 300 Watt Fortron PSU and (3) 80mm Enermax Auto Thermal Speed Fans.

From the tests you can see that you get basically the same cooling from a Volcano 9 heatsink, but the Volcano 9 is ten times louder than the Iceberg 1. With a better water block, like one from dangerden.com, then the Iceberg 1 may benchmark better. I'll be reviewing a water block here soon, and I can test that theory.

Note: I went to the site that manufactures this water cooling kit, and found a great installation guide! If you do purchase one of these water cooling kits, I'd recommend you ditch the instructions it comes with and surf on over to the installation guide at their website.

UPDATE: I have been informed by Peter at ExoticPC.com that the Iceberg installation manual that came in my box will not included in the units they sent out. The manual I had was an early prototype and they now just include a warranty paper and instruct the users to go to www.icebergcooler.com. Customers who purchase the Iceberg 1 will not get the poorly written english manual. As for the boxes being inverted, he said it is the korean version of the box. They have changed the packaging for the final version to be a simple white box with the same outside sleeve. Hope that clears things up!

UPDATE: 11/02/02


I've had about three months to thoroughly test the Iceberg 1 water cooler. Is this cooler really all it's "cracked" up to be? Let me begin by saying all of the parts had being working flawlessly, up until a few weeks ago. I had been testing the DangerDen water cooling kit and I had this Iceberg 1 water cooler aside until I was done testing the DangerDen. Well, I woke up the next morning, after testing the night before, to find that the Iceberg 1 reservoir was only half full of water! I was really puzzled, and I didn't know what had happen until I looked at the towel the reservoir was on, it was soaking wet! The first thing I did was to make sure none of the hoses came loose. They all were hooked up correctly and were all on, very tight. Then I started inspecting the reservoir and pump, and I then noticed all of the cracks in the reservoir.

What Happen?

Well, take a look at some of these pictures that I have taken of the Iceberg 1 reservoir.

Notice all of the cracks in it? I didn't drop it, and I don't think the pressure was too much for it. So what did this? My guess would be that the four screws located on the top of the reservoir caused this. Maybe they were tightened too much? I'm not really sure. I do know that if Ahanix would have threaded the holes where these screws go, this incident may have never happened in the first place. I'm very fortunate that this water cooler wasn't in my system at the time, and I really hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else. I just felt obligated to update this review with my problems because you may want to remember this problem when you think about purchasing this water cooler. If you have an Iceberg 1 water cooler, let us know in the forums. I'd like to hear what you have to say about this cooler.

UPDATE: 11/03/02

It appears I'm not the only one that has had this problem with their Iceberg 1 water cooler. Robbie, a user in our forums, has posted his experience with his Iceberg 1 water cooler. He states: "I also have one of these kits and had trouble with the rez cracking after a month. I believe the reason that I feel that it's cracking is because of thermocycling (heating up and cooling off of an item) This will make the plastic brittle and crack under stress. The main reason that it cracks around the screws. I'll agree with you that it might not happen if they pretapped the screw holes. but it will still get brittle.". He also had a good idea on how to fix this problem. He used aquarium sealer or also known as silicon, to seal the corners of the reservoir from the inside. If you do this when you first purchase your Iceberg 1 water cooler, it could prevent your reservoir from cracking.

Warning & UPDATE: 01/14/03

There has been another two persons, that I know of, that has had the problem with the cracking reservoir. I highly recommend you do NOT buy this product until the company who manufactures it makes a public news release saying that they have fixed the problem. Until then, the Iceberg 1 is in our Product Hall of Shame! grrr!

  • VERY quiet :)
  • Submergible pump
  • Fairly easy installation

  • Small radiator
  • Cooling sucks

  1. Introduction & Specifications
  2. Closer Look
  3. Installation
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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