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Ahanix Iceberg 1 Water Cooling Kit Review



We have always been told all of our life that water and electricity doesn't mix. These are great words to keep in mind, when running water thru your computer case :) Leak testing a water cooling setup is crucial! You will be so excited about your new water cooling kit and would want to install it in your case right away, but do NOT do that. It doesn't matter if you built the water cooling system yourself, bought it, or had a friend make it that has been making them for 20 years. You should always run your water cooling system out of the case for an hour or so, before installing it in your case.

I ran this water cooling system overnight, because it was 3am when I was putting the thing together and I really didn't want to be installing a "water" cooling kit in my computer that late. When testing for leaks, make sure you pull on the tubes a little to make sure they aren't loose. Best to be loose now so you can fix it, than later when it's too late.

Test Rig

  • Abit KR7A-133Raid
  • Athlon XP 1800+
  • Crucial 256MB PC2400 DDR Memory
  • GeForce2 MX400 64MB
  • Linux Red Hat 7.3

    Our testing method:

    To get the idle results, I turned off the computer and allowed the system to cool for a few mins with the pump running. Then I booted up in to Linux and allowed the system to idle for 5mins before writing down the idle results.
    In order to get the load temperature, I ran [email protected] and nbench for 12mins.
    I used a comp-u-nurse temp probe to get the temperature readings.

    In this graph I recorded the temperature of the CPU every 1 min for a total of 12mins.

    Here is the ordinary graph comparing the idle and load temperatures, with the stock Volcano 9.

    In this test, I overclocked my 1.53Ghz (1800+) cpu to 1.73Ghz (2100+) with Vcore at 1.80v.

    1. Introduction & Specifications
    2. Closer Look
    3. Installation
    4. Testing
    5. Conclusion
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