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Ahanix Iceberg 1 Water Cooling Kit Review



Included in the box, was some very bad instructions. These instructions had no real pictures only diagrams, and the instructions were very hard to follow because the grammar was horrible. I do understand that these instructions were written by someone in Korea, but geez get someone better to translate it :/ Luckily I figured out what goes where, by trial and error. It really wasn't very hard to figure out, because I have put a few water cooling kits together before. It will make it hard for new people just getting in to water cooling though.

First off, you will need to cut a small piece of tube to place between the water outlet on the top of the reservoir and on to the water outlet on the water pump. You may want to place one of the provided clips on the tube that connected to the water pump. This will help keep air from escaping from the tube. Next you will need to run the power plug out of the top hole (the one that is gray).

Around the top of this gray hole is a specially designed water proof plug. The plug simply tightens down very hard on the power cable so that no water can escape.

The next thing I did was, install the fan on to the radiator. I had a hard time installing the fan because the screws appeared to be too big. One problem was that the screws were slightly too big for the fan holes. I had to put down a lot of pressure to get them in. I'm not sure if they just gave me the wrong screws, or it was meant to be a tight fit. I tried some other screws but they were way too small.

You will have to install the power plug on to the power cable yourself. There are a few good reasons as to why you have to do it yourself. First off, it would be impossible to run the power cable thru the little hole on top of the water reservoir. Second, these water cooling kits are shipped world wide, and there are many different types of power plugs depending on your country that you live in. The installation is painless, you simply unfasten three screws, then push the already stripped wires in two three different holes and then fasten the screws back.

Lastly, you put the cap back over the plug to cover up the wires. One thing worth noting is that they stripped the wires back too much. That is why it looks the way it does. I don't really see a huge problem with this, but I'm sure a certified electrician wouldn't get a way with it. I'll probably fix it up right, once I have completed the review.

Now all you have to do is measure for the tubes and then hook them up. Make sure you measure correctly or you will have to go out and buy more tubing. Provided in the kit, are a few ring clips and metal tape clips (I really don't know the official name lol) so you can fasten the tubes. I would have thought that they would have included a bag of nylon zip ties, but they didn't. I love using zip ties on water cooling setups. They are fast to install and hold very tight. I fastened two on the water block, and two on the radiator.

This is what it should look like when you have everything installed. The reason why I made the tubes long is because I may want to install the water cooler in a taller case, and I would need longer tubes in order to do that. I poured in about a half a cup of antifreeze to help the algae down, and I also used distilled water.

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  3. Installation
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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