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Ahanix Iceberg 1 Water Cooling Kit Review


Closer Look:

When I first opened the box I noticed the box itself was inside out. I think the reason for this is because this water cooling kit isn't the same one as what is printed on the box.

All of the parts were tightly packed and protected in the box.

The pump is capable of pumping 150 gallons of water per hour, which is almost the bare minimum you would want. One feature that I love about this pump is that it is a submergible pump. A submergible pump just means that the pump is submerged in the water tank, or reservoir. Submergible pumps has its highs and its lows. Since the pump is submerged in water, this will make the pump almost silent. The only downside to this is that the water will be heated by the pump, which may keep your cpu from being cooled as much if it wasn't a submergible pump.

The radiator or sometimes called the heat exchanger, is small enough to fit in almost any computer case. On one side of the radiator there is a black plastic "border", if you will, that goes around the radiator. The purpose of this is to give you something to drill screws in to so you can mount the radiator in your computer case.

A short fan power cord isn't really a problem in small computer cases, however when you have a 7 or 10 bay full tower or server case, you need something a bit longer. Ahanix has thought of this and has provided a case fan with an extra long power cord to make sure it will reach your motherboard.

Ah, the water block. This is one of the most important parts of any water cooling setup. The water block replaces the heatsink in an air cooling setup. In aircooling you can use the same exact fan on three different heatsinks and you will get different performace readings from each of them. In aircooling heatsinks can make or break your cooling. Well, in water cooling it is just as important to use the best water block. This water block is made of 100% aluminum. I was a little disappointed in the water block, but I guess this is what you get for a $99 water cooling kit you can't expect a water block from dangerden.

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