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Building a High End HTPC featuring the Thermaltake Mozart Enclosure

Former staff writer    -   November 30, 2007
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Case Type

Cube Tower

Dimension (H*W*D)
330 x 360 x 720mm (W x D x H)
Window Side Panel
Case Front Panel
Case Body Material
Cooling System

Front: 12cm fan x 2 (up to five 12cm fan)

Rear: 12cm fan x 3 (up to five 12cm, one 8cm fan)


Primary: ATX,Micro ATX, BTX, Micro BTX, Nano BTX, Pico BTX

Secondary: Mini ITX

Drive Bay
7" drive bay x 1
5.25" drive bay x 5
3.5" drive bay x 7 (Exposed x1; Hidden x6)
Front I/O

e-SATA connetor; USB 2.0 x 4; IEEE 1394 Firewire; HD-Audio

Expansion Slots
7 slots

Weight ( Net/Gross )

9.0 kg / 9.5 kg



  • Cube tower with aluminum front panel
  • Dual PC in one chassis: Primary ATX / BTX + Secondary Mini ITX
  • 7” Drive Bay : Compatible with 7” LCD monitor
  • Media Lab(Optional) : Media Center / VFD compliant
  • ITC : Independent Thermal Chamber Technology for optimal thermal management
  • Liquid Cooling System (Optional) : Spacious design for two 12 x 24cm radiators
  • Superb Airflow : Total 11 vents for ten 12cm and one 8cm fans
  • Color: Silver (all aluminum case)
    Black (SECC body with aluminum front panel)
  • Case dimension: 720 x 330 x 360mm (H*W*D)

  1. Introduction
  2. The Case
  3. A Look Inside
  4. A Look Inside Continued
  5. Specifications & Features
  6. Just the Beginning
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