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G-Technology G-DRIVE Mini & Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 750 GB Review

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Both drives responded very well in testing, even with the bandwidth limitations of USB 2.0 and FireWire 400. Using USB 3.0, the Touro Mobile Pro operates as fast as most standard desktop disk drives, which is incredible for a 2.5" external hard drive powered only by USB. The G-DRIVE Mini is definitely a stout drive as well, and should be blazing fast on a FireWire 800 connection. After hearing the story of how a G-DRIVE Mini survived being ran over, I am confident that this is a very sturdy external drive. Both have a very small footprint and can fit easily in a pocket, backpack, purse, or laptop bag. The free 3 GB cloud storage space is a very nice inclusion to the Touro Mobile Pro. If you have any extremely important irreplaceable-if-lost data, then you can copy it both to the drive and cloud storage for triple-redundant protection! If 3 GB isn't enough, 250 GB storage is also offered for $49/year.

There aren't really any cons to mention, except that the Touro Mobile Pro casing can be extremely easy to scratch. It would also be exciting to see a G-DRIVE Mini with USB 3.0 support alongside its FireWire connections. There are SSD versions of the G-DRIVE, but the cost is much higher – about ten times the cost and a third the capacity. There are SSD versions in the Touro line as well, which would give minimal access times and a higher shock tolerance. Currently, the G-DRIVE Mini is rated to withstand 400Gs when operating and 1000Gs when off. There is little that could be improved with these wonderful drives!



  • Extremely quiet
  • Cool operation
  • Small form factor
  • High capacity
  • Fast
  • Free 3 GB cloud storage with the Touro Mobile Pro



  • No USB 3.0 on the G-DRIVE Mini


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