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HighPoint RocketRAID 1740 and RocketRAID 2300 RAID Controllers Review


Closer Look:

OK, so let's take a look at each card to see the PCB layout and the location of the connectors.

The 1740 is a PCI card and you can see that the PCB is not as tall as the slot backplate. You can convert the card to low-profile to fit it in small form factor cases and the shorter rackmount cases.



The four SATA connectors are on the end of the card. They are the non-locking type that rely on friction to hold the cable in place. This makes it easy to remove the cables that are underneath if the top and bottom ports are populated, but the downside is that the cables aren't as secure as the locking type (which require locking SATA cables for this functionality).


At the lower left of the picture below, the large round black device on the card is a beeper that can be enabled to give audible alerts for various drive problems. The four pin headers facilitate the connection of LEDs to indicate individual drive activity and drive failure. The connector that looks like a CD/Aux header on a soundcard allows you to connect a backup power source to eliminate data loss or corruption in the event of a power outage or system failure.


The 2300 has a PCI-E 1x edge connector and is also able to convert to low-profile.


The four SATA connectors are in the same location as on the 1740 card.


Although the locations are different, the 2300 has the same beeper and headers for hard drive activity LEDs, hard drive failure LEDs, and backup power source.


Each card comes with a low-profile PCI backplate, and four SATA cables rated for SATA2 speeds. There are variations of the retail package that bundle two internal SATA cables, and two SATA cables that terminate at a PCI backplate to provide an external eSATA connection.


Also, as you would expect, each card comes with a manual, driver/software CD, and a floppy disk (not pictured) for "legacy" operating systems that require a floppy disk to load storage controller drivers, e.g. Windows XP.


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