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Logitech Harmony ONE Review

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As the third Logitech Harmony product we have reviewed at OverclockersClub, the "One" actually could be the one for me. It fits better in my size XXL hands, has larger, easier to find buttons, a touch screen as well as an easier setup than the 890 Pro or 1000 reviewed previously. That could be just the software interface, but the setup time was reduced on the latest version. While not all of the activities can fit on the touchscreen at one time due to the size of the screen, you can adjust the order in which they appear so that the most used activities can be put at the top of the list. My entertainment system only uses four remote controls, so replacement of them all with one was no problem. In fact, the Harmony can replace up to 15 different remote controls if the need is there. Both the audiophile as well as the casual user can be satisfied with the flexibility that the Harmony offers. The touch screen makes it easy for the family to turn on the entertainment system without the need for that call to ask how to turn on the DVD player to watch the latest Harry Potter movie. Now the answer is a simple press the activity and go. On the other hand, the level of control needed by the more advanced users is there as well. I could find all of the features that I use on a daily basis after a night of looking through the control set. Recording programs with the PVR, browsing the channel guide, ordering on-demand movies, listening to music all were easy to do with the One.

The price on the Harmony One comes in at $250. Sure, the sticker shock is there still, but it is a far cry from the $400 plus that its siblings command. The One has the best features of both the Harmony 1000 and 890, but comes at an easier to swallow price point. The only feature that the One does not have is the ability to control Z-Wave devices. My vote goes to the One for the next remote control in my household.



  • Touchscreen
  • Ergonomic styling
  • Large buttons
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Replaces up to 15 remotes
  • It works
  • Easy device setup
  • Support for over 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices
  • Works as Intended
  • Setup time reduced
  • Price



  • None


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