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GT3-BH Case


The Case:

The front of the case is actually very clean looking, with the exception of the power button, reset button, the GT3 logo, a hidden pop-open door to access four USB ports and your mic and headphone jacks, two fan intake ports, and the slim CD drive bay. Yes, that’s true, due to the slim nature of this case, it requires the use of a slim CD drive as a standard 5 ¼ drive would not fit. I’ll show you here the difference in size.


On the rear of the case we have the receptacle for the power supply cord, surrounded by a rather good sized vent for the hot air coming out of the power supply itself. All along the I/O interface, the case is perforated to allow the hot air to be expelled, thereby keeping your components inside cooler. Below the I/O interface we have the back plate of the “feature module”, which we will get into later on.

"Every GT3 PC is a unique unit and is labeled as such. GT3 PCs are labeled according to their production number and lot. For instance, 23/300 is the 23rd unit in the first production run of 300 units." The case I have here is the 35th unit of the first 300.

The Fans:

The case has two intake fans, both located on the front. One is at the top, an 80 by 80 by 20 mm, 2000 RPM ceramic bearing fan, directing air toward the memory and CPU area, while the other is at the bottom of the case, a 92 by 92 by 25 mm, 2000 RPM, ceramic bearing fan, directing its air at the feature module containing your add-in cards such as the VGA card.


The Front Bezel:

If the need should ever arise for the replacement of any component from the front of the case, such as intake fans or power switches, the front bezel can be removed. This is accomplished by removing one screw from the inside lower edge of the case, then pinching and pushing the plastic clips through the front of the case while gently pulling the front bezel from the bottom. The front bezel itself has the GT3 Logo in it, which gets lit up by a blue LED.

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: The Case
  3. Closer Look: The Power Supply
  4. Closer Look: Motherboard Install
  5. Specificatiions and Features
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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