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G.Skill F2 6400 CL4D-4GBPI-B Review

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The Black Pi series of modules do what they are designed to do. The voltage specified on the modules for Cas 4 operation is 1.9 volts. At the default speeds, the modules ran at the DDR2 Jedec spec of 1.8 volts. This is much better than the alternative, needing 2.0 to 2.1 volts to run at an 800MHz speed. With such a low voltage requirement, one has to wonder about the need for such an elaborate looking heatspreader. Running at stock speeds, the modules felt no warmer than they did when sitting in the package. When pushed to the limit with 2.25 volts on them, the modules were just barely warmer to the touch. It looks as though the claim of reducing module temperatures (Heatspreader) by 20% over a traditional design, may hold some truth. When it came to overclocking the PI series modules, I was only able to pull an additional 133MHz out of the modules by increasing the Cas latency to 5. This took an increase in voltage to 2.2 volts to get them stable. To go to DDR2 900MHz, all it took was an increase in voltage to the specified 1.9 volts at Cas 4. Pretty decent when you consider the voltage needed to do this. Right now DRAM prices are ridiculously low and have been in a downward trend for quite a while. If you are not going to be running a DDR3 based system for the foreseeable future, then spending $70 dollars to upgrade to four gigabytes of system memory would be a wise decision. Especially considering Vista users can benefit from the additional responsiveness the additional system memory brings. A good looking and effective thermal solution, tight timings, decent overclocking, low price, excellent performance, low voltage requirement and a lifetime warranty makes the G.Skill Black PI 4 gigabyte set of modules a good choice for your next build, or as an upgrade from a 2 gigabyte set. With all the pluses, you can't go wrong.



  • Cool running
  • Overclocking at 1.8 volts
  • Low latency
  • Good looks
  • Extreme cooling
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Low overhead



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