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G.Skill F3-12800CL8T-6GBHK Review

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Overall the kit performed very well! Without touching any of the timings and bumping up voltage slightly as insurance for stability, the kit operated at a little above 1800MHz readily. Adding more voltage and loosening timings had little effect to the overclockability of this kit, with a maximum overclock not much greater than 1866MHz. During the testing the modules ran cool.  At their peak temperature I would call them barely warm to the touch. When setup properly in the BIOS, these sticks were rock solid stable at 1600MHz up to 1800MHz. CAS 7 was unreachable at 1600MHz, and going above the stock timings of CAS 8 had very small yields. The stylish heat spreaders have been around for a while but still look good.  Adding the solid timings to the heat spreaders makes an attractive package. With the amount of bandwidth received from these, faster memory isn't absolutely necessary.  The ratio of cost to performance goes way out of whack. Around 1600MHz to 1866MHz, memory is a good range for price for performance speeds for the i7 platform. This kit did superb in the testing, especially when overclocked, fighting toe to toe with the 1866MHz sticks. Priced right around $200, this kit is priced close to the upper avarages for modules rated for operation at DDR3 1600.  The modules offer a value for their performance, but when you can get similar performance for less money, price does become a consideration. These modules from GSkill offer performance with their tighter stock latencies and ability to reach 1800MHz+ speeds.



  • Great performance and stability 
  • Nice heat spreaders and packaging
  • Moderate overclocking headroom
  • Good timings
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Limited overclocking past 1800MHz
  • Price



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  2. Specifcations & Features
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  5. Testing: Left 4 Dead
  6. Conclusion
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