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GMC X-7 'X-Station' Review

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When I first saw a picture of the X-7 X-Station, I was not at all impressed. However, after I had removed it from its packaging I started to think it actually looked stylish. That is, if the current style is a futuristic, robotic look. Ripping the X-Station apart revealed both cool and odd features. The main one being the fan controller with a built-in LCD display that controlled only one fan. Or, one button to both increase and decrease the fan speed. It was nice to have a temperature sensor already built-in with the case, though. It was also painfully obvious that the case didn't have a single filter. I don't know if you noticed in the photos, but the grills on the case were pretty big, and two of the three fans were intake. If you live in a home with any kind of pet that sheds, this case could be problematic. The last thing you want is to have to clean your computer every three days, instead you want to find other reasons for getting into your builds guts.

The X-Station wasn't all bad though. As promised, it had great airflow, even though there were some obstructions. The airflow was actually so good that the X-Station was able to perform just as well as my full-tower case. And in the case of HDDs, it way outperformed the full-tower! Then again, it didn't offer the same wire management capabilities you'd get from a full-tower case. The X-Station is also equipped with some cool and unique features, pointless, but cool and unique. I'm serious. Look me in the cyber eye and tell me you don't think two power switches is a cool feature! I'd say if you're in the market to spend about $100 on a mid-tower case, spend it on the X-Station!



  • LCD Display
  • Built-in Fan Controller
  • Built-in Temp Sensor
  • Great Airflow
  • Cool Design
  • Two Power Buttons!!!
  • Full-Tower Performance
  • Chilly HDD Bay



  • Controls only one fan
  • No Filters
  • Hard to Manage Wires


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