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GMC X-7 'X-Station' Review

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Now that all of my hardware is in the X-7 X-Station, it's time to find out how it performs. In order to test the X-Station's performance, I will be monitoring the load and idle temperatures of my CPU, my HDD, chipset, and my GPU. To record temperatures, I will be using CPUID Hardware Monitor. For those of you that have never used it, it's a temperature monitoring program from the people that create CPU-Z. To put my hardware at load, I will run Prime95 for three hours. To load the GPU, I will play through a few hours of Crysis and record the highest temperature.

Testing System:

Comparison Cases:






I was very impressed with the X-7 X-Station's performance. It was not at all what I was expecting. Both the CPU idle and load temps were almost the same as my full-tower case. The GPU idle temp was the second highest. Much to my surprise however, the X-Station managed to have the lowest GPU load temp. The chipset was a little toasty. Both at idle and load, the X-Station did only 1C better than my generic case. Then again, it did keep my HDD the opposite of toasty. That's right!!! The X-Station kept my HDD way cooler than a full-tower case! I thought that was pretty amazing. Overall, the X-Station performed great as a mid-tower, and that's with my mediocre wire management. Good Job GMC!!!

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  2. Closer Look (The Case)
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