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Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 Review

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Dynamic Energy Saving: To validate or disprove the energy saving features of the GA-X48T-DQ6, I installed the Dynamic Energy Saving software to get started. After the install, I was prompted to return the memory speeds and voltages to stock so that the DES software could do its job. The software works in conjunction with the energy saving features of the X48/38/P35 chipsets and Intel CPUs. Namely, the C1E and EIST features, which dynamically lower the core speed and voltage to the processor at off load times. The DES expands on this functionality to further reduce energy consumption. To test the software I will make a comparison of the wattage measured with a KillaWatt meter to test actual wattage consumed at idle and load with the software on and off. I will also show the savings generated by the software at both idle and under load.

















In the views of the software in action below, the CPU pulled just over 7 watts when cycled down into the idle state using the Intel tools in the BIOS. When ramped up, the voltage consumption increased to 49.6 watts.



Now I will run through the same scenario with the DES software enabled. At idle, the processor pulled a whopping 5.0 watts. Under load, the power consumption increases considerably, in this case up to 42watts .



Measured Wattage:


The DES software allowed the X48T-DQ6 to reduce power consumption at both idle and while under load. While the results are not as dramatic as the results from the X48-DQ6, there are still savings to be had. Long term, this can have a positive effect in the way we consume power. The total savings can add up!

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