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Gigabyte Volar Review



Installation is usually a pain when installing a CPU cooler, but Gigabyte made installation very simple with the inclusion of the socket adapters. The cooler comes with the AM2/K8 adapter installed; simply remove the two screws from the bottom and the adapter will come off. Since my motherboard is a socket 775, I removed the two 775 adapters and four screws from the kit and securely screwed them on from the bottom.






With the adapter in place, you are ready to install the cooler onto the CPU. I decided against using the thermal paste provide with the kit and opted to use some Artic Silver 5 instead. Apply a small bead of thermal paste across the center of the CPU and spread it around until an even layer of thermal paste is achieved. To seat the cooler, face it toward the front of your case. Align the four pins with the corresponding holes and press down firmly until an audible click is heard. Once all four pins have been seated, connect the three-pin fan cable to the CPU header. You are now ready to close your case and power up.



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