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Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L Review

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Pleasantly surprised is the phrase of the day. Going into this review, I did not have high expectations regarding the performance of the board. When taking into consideration the more highly touted P35 chipset on the comparison boards, I felt this would be a good workstation board. It is sparsely featured and has few things to lead you down the performance path. Boy was I wrong! This board is a sleeper. Those who know a bit about street racing know the term well. Maybe the Walking Tall reference will bring it into perspective, "Walk softly but carry a big stick!" This board delivered the goods when it came time to ramp up the speeds on the memory and processor. I achieved an overclock of 465x9, or 3720MHz, on my E6750. Figuring I have a Q6600 as well, I put it in and booted to prime stability at 427X8, or 3416MHz. Something the other boards in this review could not do. This result was gained within 15 minutes of booting the board, pretty amazing stuff for such an inexpensive motherboard, if you ask me. At this speed, the board was not only benchmark stable, but also Prime 95 stable. That may not mean a whole lot outside the enthusiast community, but the stress imposed on system components makes this test one of the more demanding utilities to run. If it's Prime stable, it's stable enough to run 24/7.





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