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Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H Review

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Closer Look:

M.I.T (Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker):

Finally, we move on to the last and most important section of the BIOS. This is where most of the hardware tweaking for the GA-MA78GM-S2H takes place. The Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker allows you to control the speeds and voltages of everything for the CPU, memory, north and southbridge, PCI Express frequency and more. One great thing with the GA-MA78GM-S2H is the ability to overclock the Integrated Graphics from right within the BIOS. The CPU can be increased from 200 to 500MHz and the multiplier increased to push the limits of the processor. The memory can be set to run in ganged, the same clocks as the CPU, or unganged in multiples of 2.66x to 5.33x the CPU speeds.

















The voltages for the Gigabyte 780G board makes it so easy to choose the right voltages when placed in manual mode. What it does is take the stock voltage and lets you add in increments to it, raising the voltage without having to guess. For instance, DDR3 memory has a JEDEC voltage of 1.8v. You can choose to add +0.1v, +0.2v, or +0.3v, making your final voltage either 1.9v, 2.0v, or 2.1v to add power to those faster sets of RAM. You can also do the same for the Northbridge and the CPU to increase performance while overclocking.





Now that we have the BIOS down, let's see how the Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H performs in the testing phase.

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