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Gigabyte G1.Assassin Review

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Closer Look:

Welcome the tweaking area of the BIOS. If you haven't read up on basic overclocking then Gigabyte has you covered with its software overclocking tools and QuickBoost button. You don't want to venture too far in here until you've read up or received a larger than normal allowance to burn up parts. With that said, here's a full-on view of every single OC setting that Gigabyte offered. Enjoy!

You begin in the M.I.T. section, short for Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker. I have not used a Gigabyte BIOS to overclock extensively prior to the G1.Assassin. I feel very at home within the ASUS BIOS so I felt a bit of a learning curve transitioning to this board. However, I feel that most of the same features are present once you can find your way around. I don't want to spoil too much before the overclocking section, but as you can see here, there are extensive options when it comes to CPU parameters, RAM timings, voltage settings, and, most importantly, extensive backup, save, and recovery features. I was disappointed in the lack of hardware controls on the motherboard, expecially considering this board won't be able to fit in to about 99% of the cases on the market today. And, there was also a lack of a convenient reset button when overclocking meaning I was stuck shorting out the headers on the motherboard to reset and power on. The Proper jumpers mind you. I don't really suggest it under any circumstances unless you have a lot of experince with motherboard hardware. It's a great way to ruin your new toy if you bridge the wrong headers. Nevertheless, I had a good time weeding my way through the tweaking section and was very happy to have features such as standard voltage previews for a reality check on your overclock settings, both numerical input and preset input, as well as dual-level vdroop control options, the most intense of which maintained stable voltages on the CPU under all levels of usage at my maximum overclock. This can go a long way towards increasing stability and maximizing the life of your products.











































There are some pretty awesome features buried in the BIOS here, but nothing not found on other boards.

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