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Gigabyte EX38-DS4 Review

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Closer Look:

Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker:

The DS4 allows you to change your CPU's multiplier to anything between 6-9. You can also change the FSB to anything between 100-700, which is more than enough for 99% of all users. The stepping that this motherboard gives you for the CPU voltage is quite good and the volts go all the way up to 2.5; again way more than what almost any user will need.








You can change your DDR2 overvoltage quite easily. Gigabyte has kindly placed some of the voltages in pink and then some in red to warn the user. Speaking of memory, another important thing to check for is what the user can set their CAS latency to. This motherboard allows you to have it as low as 3 and as high as 7.



The DS4 allows you to set your motherboard into different modes such as "Turbo" or "Extreme". You can also set it to specific gaming modes such as racing or sports.



The memory divider option wasn't what I thought it would be. I thought I was going to see divider options such as "1:2" or "1:1" but instead of that, this BIOS lets you change the system memory multiplier. Once you set the multiplier, the BIOS will show you what the new memory clock will be.


In addition to being able to change the DDR2 overvoltage, you can also change the PCI-E and FSB overvoltages. I was happy to see the option to be able to change the PCI-E frequency because that can always help while overclocking.


Let's move on and check out the new Dynamic Energy Saver feature of the motherboard.

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