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Gigabyte EP45-DS3R Review

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Dynamic Energy Saver: I'll test this by installing the software and testing the amount of energy saved at both idle and under load. In order for this software to work correctly, the C1E and EIST features must be enabled in the BIOS, because they dynamically lower the CPU's core speed and voltage at non-load times. The software takes advantage of this and reduces energy consumption even more. With other Gigabyte motherboards, I've had some great success with this feature and it really has impressed me a lot. How great will the energy savings be with the DS3R? Gigabyte has finally allowed the DES software to run while the system is overclocked; previously you could not do so.


















Here are a few screenshots of the Dynamic Energy Saver on at idle as well as off. Also, you can throttle the CPU voltage to get the meter running more. Now that the DES software works while overclocked, we'll test that too. 3.00GHz isn't that much of an overclock so the wattage shouldn't be that different. Let's see if the savings are still amazing.




Measured Wattage:

Just because a software application says I am saving power should I believe it? The phrase "trust but verify" comes to mind here. So in order to verify the savings I used a Killawatt meter to check the system power consumption at idle and under a load both at the stock settings as well as when overclocked to see just how much juice I can save.


I saved a total of 31 watts at idle, and 33 watts at load! This Dynamic Energy Saver function works quite well on every Gigabyte motherboard that I have ever tested it on. The DES feature also worked well with a slight overclock, saving a whopping 33 watts at idle and saving 32 watts under load. While it may not seem like a lot of energy saved, the results are cumulative. The longer you run with the software on the longer you will be saving those hard earned dollars and keeping them in your pocket instead of sending them to your power company.

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