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Gigabyte EP35-DS4 Review

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Closer Look:

Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker:

This EP35-DS4 allows you to change the multiplier for your CPU to anything between 6-9. You can alter the FSB to anything between 100-700; this is more than enough for 99% of users. The stepping that this motherboard gives you for your CPU's voltage is good and the board allows you to take the volts up to 2.35, which I think is way more than anyone really needs.
















The DDR2 overvoltage can be changed quite easily in this BIOS. Gigabyte placed some of the voltages in pink and then some in red to warn the user. This motherboard allows you to change almost all your memory settings.



The memory divider option wasn't what I expected. I was expecting divider options such as "1:2" or "1:1", but instead this BIOS allows you change the system memory multiplier. Once you set the multiplier, the BIOS will show you what the new memory clock will be.


In addition to the DDR2 overvoltage, you can also modify the chipset and FSB overvoltages. These are great options to have because this can help you stabilize your overclock.


Time to move on and check out the driver CD and included programs.

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