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Gigabyte International Overclocking Tournament


Gigabyte Exhibits:

In addition to the competition, Gigabyte took this opportunity for itself and one of its main sponsors, Corsair, to show off some of their current and upcoming hardware. Gigabyte took our breath away right at the door into the conference room with a beautiful board displayed for all of us to gawk at. This is Gigabyte's GA-EP45 Extreme, an Intel P45 chipset board which supports a Front Side Bus of up to 1600MHz and DDR2 up to 1200MHz. It includes a wealth of features that enthusiasts have wanted for years, including power, reset, and clear CMOS buttons right on the board, along with the infamous debug LED. It also brings to the table Gigabyte's D.E.S. Advanced, which is its hardware based Dynamic Energy Saver feature, so no longer must you rely on software to control the green features of your PC, it is all hardware based now for better efficiency. Gigabyte also gave the board an Advanced Power Phase design with a virtual 12 power phases. Gigabyte also embedded two power phases for the memory and two for the NorthBridge. Lastly, you can see the huge hybrid copper thermal/water cooling silent pipe that Gigabyte has designed to keep the motherboard extremely cool.









In addition to the P45 board at the door, there were several other items on display, including the Volar 3D Rocket II and G-Power II CPU heatsinks, a few motherboards, and several cases, including one which has a self contained water cooling system inside. The Volar and G-Power II heatsinks use a unique angled design which are aimed at not only cooling the processors but the MOSFETs and surrounding areas as well, while the eD Rocket II uses a Dynamic Air Duct and an eight directional heat pipe.



In addition to the coolers and motherboards on display, Gigabyte had some new case designs on the table. They ranged from mid-towers to full-towers and have unique features that set them apart. First, they had what looked like a version of the iSOLO cases, which is a mid-tower aimed for efficient cooling without all of the sparkley glits and glamor. Just a great case that gets the job done. Also on display was the Poseidon 310, which is another mid-tower case that has space for an internal or external liquid cooling and washable dust filters. The Poseidon 310 also has a tough aluminum door that protects your drive bays.



Next to these are the full-tower cases which were opened and running hardware to demonstrate their wares. There was the 3D Mars, which featured an EP45-Extreme, Corsair Dominator RAM, and an HD4850 pushing a loop of 3DMark06. This case has plenty of room to work with and has a Galaxy Liquid Cooling upgrade option. It offers plenty of cooling and uses a positionable hard drive rack which can face inwards or sideways. On the opposite side from the Mars was the grandfather of the chassis on display, the 3D Mercury. The 3D Mercury features an integrated Liquid Cooling Solution built into the top of the chassis and included the pump, radiator, tank, and also pre-installed splitter valves for expandability. This is definitely a unique case and had my mouth watering. Inside was a GA-EP45-DQ6 motherboard with an HD 4850 running a loop of 3DMark 01.




On the opposite side of the room there was another table that Gigabyte had set up showing off more motherboards and video cards. The motherboards on display were part of its P45 family and include, from left to right, the GA-EP45-DS3R, the GA-EP45-Extreme, and the GA-EP45-DQ6, all based on the P45 and the ICH10R Chipset. Next to the motherboards were the Gigabyte 9800 GX2 NVIDIA based graphics card and a Gigabyte HD 4850 ATI based graphics card.



Corsair Exhibit:

In addition to the Gigabyte exhibits Corsair - since it was a big sponsor for the event - also had an exhibit setup showing off some of its greatest products. Corsair has been a leader in memory and other products for a long time and its continues to be one of the top producers of computer components. At the competition the company had on display some of its memory (including its Mac memory line), flash drives, and power supplies. Corsair also provided all of the memory for the tournament, using the Dominator DDR3 series for the overclocking. If you take a look at the Corsair Survivor, it is a 32GB flash drive. That is a lot of storage for anyone. It does look like it says 52GB, however it is a common misconception because of the font used, but it is definitely 32GB.





Mods at the show:

There were a couple of case mods that were present at the show. Ton from Ironmods brought his Ironman and Team Fortress 2 cases for display. Check out the hardware in the Ironman computer. Holy SLI!!!!!




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