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Gigabyte GeForce 8800 GT NX88T512HP v1.0 Review

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This Gigabyte 8800GT did much better than I anticipated. I was expecting the other video cards to destroy this card but that didn't happen. This graphics card kept up and often overtook a Sapphire 3870, a Diamond 3850 and an ASUS 8800GT - all of which are some of the best cards available. When we tested the higher resolutions, the Gigabyte 8800GT consistently did well and surpassed a majority of the competition. The Gigabyte 8800GT beat out the ASUS 8800GT in eighteen of the thirty-two games and tied with it in a few more. That's impressive considering that the cards are almost the same price. Gigabyte made overclocking this card a breeze with its Gamer H.U.D. overclocking utility. This is one of the first overclocking utilities that allows the user to modify the voltages to the video card. I was able to push the stock clock speed of 700MHz all the way up to 760MHz and the memory clock from 920MHz to 960MHz! Don't forget, this card is pre-overclocked! In my book, being able to squeeze that much more out of an already overclocked video card is great. The Zalman-like fan that is on the card makes the video card quiet - even when the card is under heavy load. I would highly recommend this Gigabyte 8800GT to anyone looking to play some of today's hottest games with enjoyable frame rates at high resolutions. Don't pass up this Gigabyte 8800GT.



  • Overclocking Ability
  • Performance at High Resolutions
  • Ease of Installation
  • Gamer H.U.D.
  • Quiet



  • None
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