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iOne Gemini R16 Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Sagittaria    -   January 30, 2007

Configuration Continued


For either page buttons, you can configure it to launch a file,  website, or a function of your choosing. Best part of all, you can use the middle click (Scroll Wheel) to bring up a shortcut list of anything you want. I added a few applications of my choosing, and voila! (I also noticed that there were some grammatical mistakes in the software. Hopefully, "Configuration", "System", and "Launch" will be spelled correctly in the final release of the software.)

Now that is cool. Let's get to the specs and the real testing!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued & Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Configuration Continued
  5. Specifications & Testing
  6. Testing Continued & Conclusion
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