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Geil EvoOne DDR2 Review

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The Geil EvoOne DDR2 dual channel 2x2GB kit for desktop computers was not only a great looking piece of hardware to use for an upgrade and add extra value to it, but it also was able to hold it's own when it came to some memory intensive number crunching. I really liked that the EvoOne kit ran with CAS4, making the timings 4-4-4-12. The RAM looks more impressive with lower timings, and allows it to perform better at the stock settings. When it came to the actual performance of the sticks, they were able to perform very close to some of the other kits out on the market. If it did not outright beat them, it came in a strong second. However, when you overclock them, they perform almost as well with the relaxed timings, especially when it came down to the bandwidth testing. I was very surprised at how well they overclocked as well, even though they required a hair over two volts to get astable overclock at 1160MHz. 1160MHz is no small number when it comes to the speed of the memory in your system. I was disappointed with how large the heat spreaders were, however, they looked very clean and sleek and were able to allow for a higher voltages without resulting in any damage. The lifetime warranty adds great value to the kit. I would suggest this kit of memory to anyone who is looking for an upgrade for their computer, especially if they are looking to overclock, and their memory is holding them back from reaching some high FSB speeds.



  • Overclockability
  • Great looking heat spreaders
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tight Stock Timings



  • Very large
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