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GameTiger Triple Case Roundup Review

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Testing the trio of GameTiger cases required pushing my hardware to heat things up! Testing involved recording temperatures for the CPU, GPU, and chipset during idle and load phases.

Load was simulated by running Prime95’s small FFTs while also running 3Dmark Vantage for one hour. The maximum temperatures were recorded using HW Monitor. It is important to note that each case is tested with its factory setup, including location of fans, unless otherwise noted.



Testing Setup:


Comparison Cases:











The results here are pretty consistent between all three of the GameTiger cases. Their smaller size coupled with the relatively good airflow of the stock fans produced some of the lowest CPU load temperatures seen in quite a while! The flagship T-Rex Fr-16 takes the cake on CPU cooling though – the fans being in such close proximity to the CPU cooler really do evacuate heat nicely. Overall none of these cases will overheat your parts even if you have a top-end rig like our test setup. Even the cheapest of the bunch performs admirably!  GPU temperatures are slightly above average for the group but the lower CPU temperatures are a welcome trade in my opinion.

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