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GameTiger Triple Case Roundup Review

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Closer Look:

Moving on to the middle child of the group, the Tiger As-19, you can see that it is packed in a very similar manner to the Mage Mi-3. This is not a bad thing by any means but be prepared to wrestle with the box to get the case to slide out. The foam end caps arrived in one piece wrapped securely around each end of the chassis itself. The same clear plastic bag protects the case from dirt and dust on its journey to your doorstep. Right away after taking the case out of the box you can see the big bold letters with "TIGER" written on the side of the case; this is not the understated design seen on the Mage Mi-3.

















Free of its packaging the Tiger As-19 finally reveals itself. The left side panel is mostly covered by mesh with the front edge covered in a red plastic panel with "TIGER" written in large white letters. The panel itself is of decent quality and looks quite nice but personally I'd rather have seen more mesh versus a loud and bright declaration of the model name on the side. The rear side panel is quite the opposite and features nothing except an indentation to make the panel easier to slide off. Both panels are attached via thumb screws. The front panel is a mix of mesh and plastic. Near the bottom is a bumped-out portion with blue "fangs" or "claws" that protrude from the front of the case by a few centimeters. I have a vague feeling these will light up, but more on that later. The rear of the case is fairly standard-fare with a 120mm exhaust fan (again in red), water cooling tubing holes, and some plastic sticking out near the expansion slots that suggest a tool-less mechanism inside.




Interestingly enough, even though the box doesn't list a fan controller anywhere on the features list GameTiger does include one on the Tiger As-19. The large knob is dark chrome plated along with the power and reset buttons. The knob itself actually feels quite nice with a fair amount of resistance as you turn it. It does have a defined maximum that stops the knob from spinning and at the opposite end actually "clicks" off. I have the feeling this will turn off the attached fans entirely, which may be useful for those looking for absolute silence in a low-power build. The top I/O panel features dual USB 2.0 ports, a single USB 3.0 port, and microphone/headphone outputs. Adorning the very front edge of the case is what appears to be the HDD activity light. Moving to the top of the case itself there is a large mesh panel that looks to be perfect for dual 120mm fans. Let's hope that this case is somewhat easier to install top fans in than the Mage Mi-3!



Moving along to the side of the case you can see the large insert plastered with the large "TIGER" text. To be perfectly honest I really don't like this addition as it doesn't add much to the case, but I can see how some may find it attractive. If you decide to light your case up internally this panel won't actually light up (as it is backed by the steel side panel) but there are a few holes that will light up. Moving along to the bottom of the front panel you can see the Tiger As-19's "claws" in transparent blue plastic. I have a sneaking feeling these may light up in bright blue when powered. I'm not sure why GameTiger chose to mix blue and red on a build but it does seem to clash a bit. The front panel construction is quite robust and will stand up to the occasional accidental (or not?) kick without damage.




Overall the Tiger As-19 isn't the most attractive case I've ever seen but I don't know if I can call it ugly. I personally wouldn't choose it over the understated and clean looks of the Mage Mi-3 but different strokes for different folks, right? Move on to the next page to see if the internals can keep up with the image that the exterior projects!

  1. Introduction
  2. Closer Look: (The Case) Mage Mi-3
  3. Closer Look: (Working Components) Mage Mi-3
  4. Closer Look: (The Case) Tiger As-19
  5. Closer Look: (Working Components) Tiger As-19
  6. Closer Look: (The Case) T-Rex Fr-16
  7. Closer Look: (Working Components) T-Rex Fr-16
  8. Specifications & Features
  9. Testing & Results
  10. Conclusion
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