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Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade Review

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Unlike last time, I have not tried playing Crusade on my laptop, so the only experience I have had with it is on my much more powerful desktop. All graphical options can be maxed out without issue on my machine, presenting me with a pretty good looking game. It is hard for me to say if the graphics are better than the base game, outside of the space battle scenes, but I also do not feel they needed to change much either.

The game looks good and performs well, and for a game like this, smooth performance is what I consider most important. There were some crashes here and there, but I was playing on a pre-release build, so they do not worry me. The crashes were not common and the game received some patches, so it would not surprise me at all if what is ultimately released is rid of every crash I encountered.

I do want to come back a little bit and mention the space battles because I do feel like they look better than they did before. At least I enjoyed watching the AI-controlled ships do battle as the camera moved about for me, even if I am incorrect about the graphics. I will probably continue to use the option to skip these battles, since they are not player controlled, but watching them was interesting and enjoyable.







It really should not be surprising that I have so little to share in the graphics section. The game looks good and performed well, which is all a 4X game really needs.

One thing I should mention and I think it will fit here better than the later sections is the new UI. If you look back at the review for the base game you will see the UI has been changed significantly. At first I did not like this because it meant I had to re-learn where everything was, but I adapted quickly enough and like it better. I find it to be a cleaner design, and I appreciate that.

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