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Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse Review


Closer Look
The ergonomic design of the mouse is decent, but again didn't do so well with the big-hand test. It has a higher profile than most other mice I have used, but still allows the heel of my hand to drag on the desktop. The buttons are nicely spaced, within natural hand movements to reach. It sits on pads made from polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE), which is a fancy way of saying "really slippery stuff". It slides nice and smooth. I have not used it enough to see if the normal desk-gunk builds up on it like it has on every other mouse I have ever used.


Now for the techno-geek details. The box lists these specifications, most of which I have no way of testing, so we will have to take Logitech�s word for it. Tracking resolution is to a max of 2000 dpi, image processing is 6.4 megapixels / second, maximum acceleration is 20 G's, and maximum speed is 1.15-1.65 m/sec. If anyone can actually verify these numbers, please, let me know how you do it. I would be very curious as to how one would measure 20 G's on a desktop mouse. The USB data format is 12 bit/axis, the USB report rate is 500/second, and it has no sleep mode. The glide numbers do actually appear testable, but not by me (darn High School math�). The Dynamic Coefficient of Friction is 0.09, depending on the surface. The Static coefficient of friction is .13, as tested on a wood-veneer desktop. The tuning weight ranges from 0-38 grams, which is user tunable. Button life is rated at 8 million clicks, and the polytetraflour-whatever is rated for 250 km. I have a feeling this mouse will last longer than I will. 250 km on a desktop? That�s some hardcore gaming there.

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