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Antec Fusion Black 430 Media Center Case & A/V Cooler Review

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The Antec Fusion Black 430 media center case really surprised me in a lot of ways. First, I was impressed by the professional, slick, and unique looks of the case. It really comes off as a receiver at first glance. The LCD panel is something you don’t normally see on most home theater PC enclosures and I really like that feature. The LCD screen is customizable in the sense of what you want shown. However, you can’t deviate from the preset options. For example, the user can’t make the LCD screen say “Check out OverclockersClub.com!” The preset options in the LCD software are very nice though, allowing you to display your system information, news feeds, email alerts, date, time, and much more. The three chambers within the case are very unique and really make everything easier to organize. All around the case you’ll find vents which allow the heat in the chambers to disperse adequately. I really like the case’s solid steel build because it feels extremely sturdy - part of that is due to the rubber grips on the bottom of the case. With the slick looks of the case, unique interior that performs quite well, LCD panel, volume knob and sturdiness of this case, I would without question recommend this case to anyone looking for a high quality home theater PC enclosure. The only thing I can say that is negative about the case is that it only supports the MicroATX motherboard format, which could affect some people.

The Antec A/V Cooler is something I would not have a home theater system without. In our tests, you could see that the cooler shaved a few degrees, sometimes more, off of the components inside the Antec Fusion Black 430 media center case. What really surprised me the most was just how quiet the unit was. Even on the “High” fan setting, the cooler never got louder than 28dB - which is 12dB quieter than raindrops. Definitely do not pass up this cooler. With its almost dead silent fans and great cooling results, it would be a great addition to any home theater setup. Remember, the A/V Cooler and the Antec Fusion Black 430 media center case are sold separately, but they unquestionably go hand-in-hand.




  • Looks
  • Sturdiness
  • LCD Panel
  • Volume Knob
  • Software Options
  • Great Airflow
  • Silence of the A/V Cooler
  • Results from the A/V Cooler
  • Size and Looks of the Cooler



  • Case Only Supports MicroATX Motherboards


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