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Antec Fusion Black 430 Media Center Case & A/V Cooler Review

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To test these products, I'm going to be using temperature probes to measure ambient front and rear of case for the case temperatures. An array of programs will be used to stress the motherboard, CPU, and hard drives inside the case. The overclocked system is at 2.7GHz since that is the highest the stock cooler could attain without crashing. There wasn't enough clearance for my Thermaltake V1 CPU cooler to fit inside the case and I don't have a low profile CPU cooler, hence why I'm using the Intel stock cooler. The graphs with the Antec A/V Cooler on top of the case will be on the bottom and the stock/overclocked graphs will be on top. Also, since the A/V Cooler's fans can be run at high and low, we'll be taking readings from both settings. All temperatures will shown in Celcius.

Testing Setup:

  • Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo CPU
  • ECS G33T-M2 MicroATX Motherboard (nVidia Onboard Graphics)
  • 1GB (2 x 512MB) OCZ Gold DDR2 800
  • Antec 430W PSU
  • Western Digital 160GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Antec Fusion Black 430 Case
  • Windows XP Pro SP2


Hard Drive:

The temperatures didn't deviate when the system was overclocked - as expected. The temperatures stayed consistent throughout the tests and we didn't expect the A/V Cooler to impact the hard drive temperatures much, so there is no surprise in these results. HDTune was used to stress the hard drive.


Nothing abnormal going on here, so let's go ahead and test the motherboard, CPU, and case temperatures in this case.

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