FrontX CPX Multimedia Ports

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Reviewed on: April 2, 2001
Price: $25.00

Ever get tired of having to reach to the back of your case everytime you want to use your headphones or to swap between your joystick or steering wheel? Ever wonder why these things where not placed in the front of your computer for easier access? Im sure we all have. So what can you do about it? Buy the FrontX Multimedia port redirect.

The Package

Below is what you get in the package when your purchase one. It comes with four screws for installing it into a 5.25" drive bay, and a small cut-out for the cables to pass through from the back of your computer to plug into your soundcard. The connectors are for the Audio In, Headphones, Microphone and Game Ports. There are 4 more port-holding bays on the FrontX for connecting of more computer ports, like your Serial or USB Ports. Which can be bought seperate as an upgrade.


  • Audio-in
  • High-definition sound-out from the sound-card
  • Earphone
  • Microphone
  • USB*
  • Serial*
  • 2.5Feet of cable
  •    frontx


    Installation is a breeze. If you can install a CD-ROM you can install this. Simply slide the FrontX into a free bay and screw it in. Once the cables are sticking out the back, you plug them into your soundcard. Then install metal slot cover provided and your done!


    If you are looking to relocating your multimedia ports, this is the best way for you to do it. At a price of $25 bucks you can't go wrong.