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Logitech FreePulse Wireless headphones

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Closer Look:

The included bases are labeled with what specific device they fit. These devices include the iPod (Large and small 5th generations, large and small 4th generations, mini and nano), the Zune and a generic insert. These loosely fit on the device (as long as no case is on) and are sandwiched between the transmitter and the device. It basically makes it so that the transmitter can't spin around. However, these bases don't have to be attached for the transmitter to work and I found myself not using them, so that I could switch the transmitter with ease, between my ipod, laptop and computer.



The charger is also simple. On one end there is the wall outlet and on the other end it splits into two identical connectors, so that you can charge the headphones and the transmitter at the same time.  When the headphones and transmitter are plugged in, the connector area glows orange while it's charging and then turns off when they finish charging. 

The instruction pamphlet is very detailed and walks the user through the basics of using the headphones. This includes connecting the device, charging the device and attaching the transmitter to the MP3 player of your choice. It also goes over what the different color lights mean and how to troubleshoot the device. 

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