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Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB

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Now that everything is connected and installed, let's get on to setting it up for use. After the installation is done and you run the AutoBackup for the first time, you will be presented to set it up. The software is actually a 30-day trial that you need to activate to use beyond that point. Just enter your product key, email address, and usage intentions and it is activated for full use.





Now that we are all activated, let's continue configuring the AutoBackup software. For the first step, you want to select where you want to back up to. In this case, select the FreeAgent Drive and set up a folder to save the backup files to, if you wish. With the AutoBackup, you can choose to save the files to a hard drive, Seagate Internet Drive, a network drive, a flash drive, or an iPod, making your important data Address and email movable. Click next and it will bring you to a page to select what you want to back up. You can choose its "smart picks," which are pre-selected folders and files most-used, or select your own folders to backup. After you select them, it will present you with a summary verifying your choices.




Now that you have the files selected, give it a name for the backup plan you chose. In this case, we choose "OCC Test Backup Plan." Once you click "Done" the AutoBackup program will start the backup software, and begin to transfer the files to the backup drive until it is completed.




To recover files, you can simply navigate to the FreeAgent drive's folders (they are setup exactly as on your computer) and copy the file back. You can also choose the One-Click backup icon in the same folder tree and it will bring up a restore screen with a folder tree. Just navigate to the file or files you want to recover and check them off. You can also check off the tree's main folder to recover all files in that tree. Click next and it will copy the selected files back to the original locations or to where you specify.

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