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Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB

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Now that we have the module set in to place, we can plug the wires in to get the drive started. First plug the AC adapter into the wall. Then take the other end of the plug and plug it into the left circular hole on the back of the drive. The drives lights will begin to glow so you know it is plugged in correctly.







Next take the correct cable for the connection you chose. Remember, only one one port of the eSata/USB module is to be used; do not plug both into the computer. Plug in the connector to the drive first, then plug in the other end to the computer. Now you are done and ready to configure the software.

For the users who selected eSata as their connection, use the eSata cable seen here instead of the USB cable.


For FireWire, use the dual FireWire Module insead of the eSata/USB and install it the same way. Then plug in the FireWire into any one of the two ports on the module and the other end into the computer.


Now that everything is connected, a box will pop up that the drive is recognized. Click on "Install FreeAgent Tools" to begin the installation process.


First thing that comes up to install is the FreeAgent Drive Tools, then comes the Seagate-branded Memeo AutoBackup software. The drive can be used on as many computers that you want, but the AutoBackup software will only work on one computer unless you purchase multiple licenses, so make sure you install it on the one you want to use it on. After installation, reboot your computer when it tells you to.



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