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GWSystems Fragpedal Classic



To install the Fragpedal Classic, plug the unit into a free USB port. Then insert the CD into your optical drive to begin the installation. After that, navigate to where you saved the drivers and open the configuration program to start getting your pedals set up.


Once I installed the software, I took a brief look at the program and thought I was going to be in a world of hurt to learn how to use this software. But once I looked more in depth at the software, I learned that it was the exact same software used for GWSystem’s RTR-720 gaming mouse. I had to dig through the program to find out what I could or couldn’t use with the Fragpedal Classic. The first tab is called “Button Settings” which is where the user can see just what attributes each button has. The Fragpedal Classic can only use the options for buttons 1-4 since there are no more buttons on the pedals. You can edit the buttons in this tab, but not as in-depth as you can in “PAL Builder”. The last two screenshots show the options you can quickly put into place if you click a button to customize it.


The next tab is “Master Settings”. This tab is not for the pedals because this tab allows the user to change X,Y settings and LED brightness settings, which is not possible with the Fragpedal Classic.

The middle tab is probably the most important because it allows you to completely customize the pedals. This tab is called “PAL Builder”. 

To set up the buttons how you want them, first select the button which you want to work with. Then, enter in a name for the profile. For me, I put in “WoW” because I am going to create a World of Warcraft profile. After the name, you can go to “Button Type” and select which option you’d like the button to have. I chose “Click Only”.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Configuration (Continued) & Specifications
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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