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Foxconn Mars Review

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The Foxconn Mars will be put through our benchmarking suite to see what kind of performance the motherboard delivers. The OverclockersClub series of benchmarks include both system tests and gaming benchmarks to verify the performance of this product. I will be comparing the performance of the Foxconn against both the Abit IX38 Quad GT and Asus Maximus Formula. Testing will be a direct comparison of our stock speed benchmarking; all clockspeeds and memory timings will be as close as possible to offer a fair comparison on each of the boards. All motherboard and video card settings were left at setup defaults, again to eliminate any variables.


Testing Setup:

Comparison Motherboards:

  • Comparison Motherboard 1: Asus Maximus Formula
  • Comparison Motherboard 2: Abit IX38 Quad GT



Overclocked settings:

  • Processor: Intel Q6600 470 x 8
  • Sytem Memory: Mushkin HP2 6400 5-5-4-12

Overclocking the MARS is much like overclocking many other P35 chipset motherboards. Some boards have a ton of BIOS options, some don't, and some have just the right amount of overclocking options. The MARS falls into the last category. There are enough options to keep the enthusiast happy, but not so many that novices can't work their way around. The "Gladiator" BIOS is simple to navigate through with all of the items clearly marked and definitions usually to the right of the item you are working on. In the voltage section, the voltages are color coded to let the average or novice overclocker know they are getting to a severe level. Now on to the good stuff! First things first. This is the first board that I have been able to boot up my stubborn little Intel Q6600 at 4.0GHz. Now no way in the world was it stable at that speed, but I was shocked, to say the least. After making adjustments to the Northbridge voltage, PLL voltage and several others, I managed to get to a speed of 470 x 8, or 3.78GHz to complete our benchmark suite. This represents a 180MHz increase over the previous best CPU speed. The highest frontside bus that was possible was 487 FSB, three more than the Asus Blitz Extreme we recently reviewed. With the limitations imposed by my Q6600, the results speak for themselves. A faster core clock and overall faster CPU speed mean the MARS beat my chip into submission and made it play nice at the higher speeds. Sweet!



  • Scientific & Data:
  1. Apophysis
  2. WinRAR
  3. SpecviewPerf 10
  4. PCMark Vantage Professional
  5. Sandra XII
  6. ScienceMark 2.02 Final
  7. Cinebench 10
  8. HD Tune 2.54
  • Video:
  1. Crysis
  2. Knights of the Sea
  3. Bioshock
  4. Call of Duty 4
  5. World in Conflict
  6. Call of Jaurez
  7. 3DMark 06 Professional


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