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Foxconn GeForce 9800GTX Review

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Closer Look:

After you put that brand spanking new, latest and greatest video card into the motherboard, you need some additional work to make it put out the really pretty pictures. First up, once you have restarted the magic box and gotten into the operating system, you will need to install the drivers for the video card so that it can deliver those mind numbing graphics that are oh so important nowadays.










Once the disc spools up, the Foxconn installation GUI pops up. The installation GUI has three separate tabs. The first contains the drivers for Windows XP and Vista, in both 32 and 64 bit flavors. The Utility tab contains the Foxware utility as well as Direct X 9 and Adobe Acrobat. Foxlight is for motherboards that have an onboard set of LEDs. The Manual tab is, of course, just what it implies. The soft version of the manual is here if you don't want to dig through or lose the paper manual.



Installing the drivers from the GUI is as easy as just selecting the driver and following the onscreen directions. A reboot is recommended.




Foxconn has included a proprietary utility to monitor and overclock the 9800GTX. The software is installed from the Utility tab in the installation GUI. The software, called Foxware, contains three tabs to choose from when using this utility. The Information tab identifies the graphics processor, the core and memory clockspeeds, lists the driver revision, as well as the amount of memory on the video card. The Frequency tab allows the user another avenue to overclock the 9800GTX in increments as small as 1 MHz. The Temperature tab is used to monitor the core temperature, as well as set alarms depending on the temperature.



Last, but not least, the configuration of the Foxconn 9800GTX can be fine tuned in the Nvidia control panel. The PureVideo settings, basic performance characteristics and resolution can be adjusted with this tool. nTune can be incorporated into the control panel the further enhance the usability of the Nvidia control panel for both overclocking and monitoring of the 9800GTX.



Let's look at the specs and see how it performs.


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