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Far Cry 2 Performance Evaluation

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There you have it - a quick performance test to show how some of the latest from Nvidia and ATI fare in the supplied benchmark included with Far Cry 2. When set to the maximum settings, this game puts a serious burden on the video card. Of course, the more stout the video card, the more performance you will see in-game. Just watching the benchmark run through its paces, you can see more and more each time it is run. The first time you see the concussive force of an explosion blow through a tree - it makes you sit up and start looking at the small things going on during the benchmark run. Realistic flames that move with the wind, leaves blown off a tree from an explosion, the chicken that get blown clear across the compound as well as barrels that show real damage instead of just flying through the air looking as new as the frame before. All the little things combine to give that 'wow' effect. I cant wait to dig a little deeper into the real game play to see if the benchmark performance does match up with the gameplay.

Since this was an impromptu test, more cards will soon be added to this evaluation, in order to give a better picture of the capabilities of each series of video cards.


We have had some questions sent in asking why only certain cards were included and others were not. The answer is simple we got the game monday night and the NDA was lifted tuesday morning. We tested what we could with the amount of time we had. We will be adding more cards to the article as we begin to test them. Thanks for your understanding. OCC STAFF.

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