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Far Cry 2 Performance Evaluation

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In the past, Far Cry was one of the staples of the Overclockers Club video card benchmark suite. This was supplanted by Crysis, because of the demands of the game. Now with this sequel to Far Cry, I think it has earned a place in our benchmarking suite. Below is a short preview of what several of the more common cards in use today deliver, in terms of performance. For the ATI cards there is already a hotfix driver in place, so that particular driver is used in this testing, as well as the latest 180.xx driver from Nvidia. As per our normal testing regime, all control panel settings are left at the driver defaults, with the in game settings set to the level I am testing at. Like most of the public, I want to see what kind of performance my video cards have in the games I play. Ubisoft has made this a simple process, by including a benchmark utility to show off just what each card can or cannot do in a repeatable way.

 Testing Setup:

Comparison Video Cards:



  • Direct X 10
  • 2xAA
  • Game settings to Very High
  • Vsync Off




As you can see, the performance of the cards scales in proportion with their capabilities, with the faster cards getting the higher scores. All of them performed at a level that is still playable. When the AA is cranked up to 8x with all settings to ultra high, the cards do see a severe performance drop. The HD4850 went as low as a 12FPS average.


  1. Intoduction & Closer Look
  2. Testing Setup,Results
  3. Conclusion
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