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Fanatec HeadShot Controller



Well, it was a long journey testing this mouse. With all of the options that are available, I have concluded that it is great for some of us, but not all. To hit on the good points first, at least to me, it was a very smooth mouse and pad combination to use. The buttons were well defined in the “feel” they fed back to you as you pressed them. I have used some in the past that were way too easy to click, not these, and not too hard either. Its width adjustment fit my hand nicely so I had no problems with my hand cramping while trying to grip the mouse. The included USB hub was a nice touch. I like having extra ports available that are easy to get too. It was definitely an accurate mouse to use, I had no problem sniping from very far away in the games I played, and I really liked the adjustable sensitivity on-the-fly.

As for the not-so-good points, I personally don’t normally use a mouse pad. To me, it was taking up too much desktop space. The cable arch served its purpose in holding the mouse cable up so it did not get snagged on anything but I prefer a cordless mouse to solve that problem. The lights in the arch were just a lightshow gimmick as far as I am concerned. Sure they informed you when you were making the correct moves to set macros, but, most games have some sort of system built into them for doing much the same thing. Also the cord being wound like a spring, pulled on the mouse.


  • Accurate mouse
  • Adjustable width
  • Lots of buttons to program
  • Simulates a joystick
  • USB hub
  • Comfortable


  • Cord kind of short
  • User manual interactive only
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